Bosworth signs for TQR!

OK, we know this sounds a bit like a Formula 1 team announcing a brand new driver but in an odd way it’s very similar to that.

Total Quality Recruitment are genuinely a high performance recruitment team and in Sam Bosworth we know that we have someone who is a passionate, experienced and well established ‘driver’ in the recruitment sector.

As the newly appointed Business Manager, Sam’s role will focus on managing the TQR team on a daily basis as well as being that all important intermediary between the Managing Director David Freeman and the rest of the hugely committed and talented team. Above anything else the role is to deliver projects which will increase productivity and efficiency for the team so that they can get on with what they do best … total quality recruitment. You see, it’s more than just a name for us.

The appointment of Sam Bosworth is an important milestone in the development of the TQR business. It’s not just another name on the team sheet, it’s a strategic appointment that will allow the business to grow, step up and start operating on a different, much higher level.

Commenting on the appointment, Managing Director, David Freeman said: “Sam’s appointment is very important for the business. Not just because he’s a talented and experienced recruiter, but because it’s indicative of our growth and development as a business. TQR needed someone in this role before we could even contemplate any sort of significant expansion and now we have Sam on board we’re looking forward to IMG_0535 (3)progressing onwards and upwards.”

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