Welcome to Total Quality Recruitment.

Total Quality Recruitment, not only is it our name, its the mantra for our business that we aspire to every day. Our business is all about service. We know that if we are not able to provide a service that is distinctly different from our competition and not able to add genuine value to our clients we would not be able to thrive.

The business community is awosh with recruitment agencies, all looking for the same thing, all wanting to fill your vacancy with the superstar candidate that they elude to have up their sleeve. We're completely different and totally transparent. We do not work for everybody and we do not aspire to do so.

We work in partnership with clients who trust us, who listen to us and know that they can rely on us to provide the processes, experience and enthusiasm required in order to help them meet their recruitment needs in the most effective way. The reason that we know we're different is because our clients tell us so.

No hard sell...


We do not have sales people working on our behalf, we employ recruitment professionals, often with significant HR experience. At some point or other most of our team have sat on the other side of the table, looking to recruit and manage people themselves. This insight gives us a healthy understanding of the ongoing pressures that our clients face. We understand the importance of getting key decisions right and we are here to help you. If we don’t fully understand some of the technical aspects of a job role, we’ll come along and watch somebody do the job and ask the right questions so that we are able to gain a full appreciation of what you’re looking for. That is just one of the ways in which we differ.


We are proud to work with many of the leading employers throughout the Westcountry. We provide a varied range of essential services that help businesses to grow. Whether you need a new senior manager or ten additional pairs of hands for a week to deliver on that important order we will be there to help you through the process.


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